Those of us who live, work and play in the Belen MainStreet Partnership district hold the key to future of Belen’s historic cultural, business and residential center by volunteering to assure the success of the project.

That’s why we need your support!

Participate in one or more of the following volunteer committees:

What else can you do?

If Belen is your home, develop a critical and creative eye about the business, public and residential areas within the MainStreet district and ask yourself: “How can this be improved? What do I like about what I see, and what do I think needs to change?”

Discuss your ideas with your neighbors and coworkers, or with public service workers and fellow church members. Bring those issues, ideas, and suggestions to committee or board meetings. Document those issues, ideas and suggestions with photographs, drawings or any data of your own making.

Become visitor empathetic. Pretend you’re a visitor to Belen for the first time and ask yourself a series of questions, such as: “How would I know where to stay or eat? Is Belen an inviting place? Do you, as a pretend visitor, get the impression that residents and business and public personnel take pride in the physical environment of the community? What gives you that impression? How prominent in your ‘first look’ are vacant and unattended buildings, potholes in the streets, weeds and trash on public and private property? Do you feel safe? If not, why? Feel welcome? If not, why?”

Again, take notes or evidence to the Belen MainStreet Partnership. Talk to your mayor and city councilors.

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