Located near the geographic center of New Mexico, Belen is known as the “Hub City,” with the convergence of the north-south and east-west mainlines of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway. BNSF maintains one of its largest modern refueling facilities here.

Within one mile, Belen has a population estimated at more than 7,300. Within two miles, the Belen area has a population estimated at more than 13,200. Within three miles, the population is estimated at 20,800. Belen is located in Valencia County, with a population estimated above 75,000.

Belen is the southern terminus of the New Mexico Rail Runner Express intrastate commuter line, which runs through Albuquerque to Santa Fe, the state capitol.

The City of Belen has annexed 6,000 acres to the northwest, which is in development as a mixed-use community (residential, commercial, industrial) by a major national development company.

To the southeast, Belen supports the Rio Grande Industrial Park, where industrial companies, like Clariant, are located. Companies like Clariant, as well as other local manufacturers, have put Belen on the global map.

Belen Consolidated Schools is one of the largest school districts in the state, boasting modern facilities and comprehensive education programs, including at a career academy, which trains youth to enter the local workforce.

The Belen Alexander Municipal Airport, located minutes from downtown, is undergoing preparations to construct a crosswind runway.

Relevant Documents:

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Belen Rail Runner Station Infrastructure and Development Workshop – 2009

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Alexander Municipal Airport – New Mexico Airport System Plan – 2009

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